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aw... awwwww... awwwww.... AWWWWWW.

I think Auron and Abby are so ADORABLE! Abby just tries to be a bitch to be cool. I don't see why she hates him so much, I think he's nice to her, yet she just puts it down... Fuck, how can a person be so cruel. I mean he does a bunch of stuff for her, like kill monsters and pick flowers, but she just sits there and is all like... "eeeeeeeeeee... Auron you're gay"... And then I'm like, "Fuck you Abby, I know you like him!" then Ami is all like "Yeah I know! You pussy! Wait that's Amanda's word!" THen ABby is all like "Boo Hoo... Auron sucks."

That's when everybody kicks Abby's ass then she finally admits her undying love for Auron... Awwwwwwwwww.... It shall happen.

Power to the couple!

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