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Support them, plz :)'s Journal
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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003
11:31 pm
I don't think auron TIMES me is an option.

For you see, Auron.. Is 24289. And I' 16. Also, Auron is taken, much to my BROODING sarcastic demise. Uh... He's dating... Amanda.



So uh, I hate you guys.
Tuesday, August 20th, 2002
9:57 pm
Reasons why Abby x Auron are perfect
Sure, Abby says she likes Seymour, but let me pick Auron and Seymour apart to see who is the ultimate coolbe.

Has cool hair
Has cool lookin' glasses (even Abby is trying to find a pair of 'em :O)
Has a cool voice
Can be gay with multipe people and make it look good.
Can love Abby and make it look good.
Has a cool red over coat thing (that Abby wants also.. infact she claimed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Knows how to keep promises
Is really strong
Has no arm hair (pesky stuff that is)
Looks good anywhere in the game
Actually has a good story behind him

Is ugly
Has Deathscythe type hair
Looks gay in his wedding outfit
Looks gay period
Is powerful... but needs his Aeon to kick ass for him.. Pussy.
Can't make gay look cool.
Can't make anything look cool.
Is fun to beat the shit out of.
Should play bliztball.
What the hell is up with the dress thing? I mean, even Kuja is cooler than him!
His voice sucks.
He's a horrible bad guy.

You think it out..


Current Mood: seymour is gayyyyyy
Monday, August 19th, 2002
1:35 am
Abby dosen't hate Auron that much, but I got her to admit her TRUE love
Me: But until he says something to you, if he's that stupid, then just forget about him and concentrate on your life. And your life with Auron.
Abby: *dies*
Me: O, sorry. I didn't know it was a personal topic ^.~
Me: Did it get personal after the picture?
Abby: -_- yes
Abby: NOT!
Abby: OH! I had you for a second!
Me: Really? I thought you had Auron for a second.
Abby: >.P Auron & Abby not 4 life.


C ya!

Edit:I do have some doubts, but she wouldn't lie to me. Otherwise I would have to torture her verbally until she will
say she loves Auron.

Current Mood: >D
Saturday, August 17th, 2002
6:50 pm
HEY! This is just-- THIS just pisses me off!

It's NOT true! I DON'T like AURON! AURONS A FAG!! I HATE HIM!!! *stabs Auron*

I HOPE HE DIES!!!! *kicks Auron multiple times*

SEriously you guys... i'm going to KILL you!! >.

Current Mood: anxious
3:16 am
aw... awwwww... awwwww.... AWWWWWW.
I think Auron and Abby are so ADORABLE! Abby just tries to be a bitch to be cool. I don't see why she hates him so much, I think he's nice to her, yet she just puts it down... Fuck, how can a person be so cruel. I mean he does a bunch of stuff for her, like kill monsters and pick flowers, but she just sits there and is all like... "eeeeeeeeeee... Auron you're gay"... And then I'm like, "Fuck you Abby, I know you like him!" then Ami is all like "Yeah I know! You pussy! Wait that's Amanda's word!" THen ABby is all like "Boo Hoo... Auron sucks."

That's when everybody kicks Abby's ass then she finally admits her undying love for Auron... Awwwwwwwwww.... It shall happen.

Power to the couple!


Current Mood: anxious
Friday, August 16th, 2002
9:56 pm
Auron & Abby 4 life ;D

C ya!

Current Mood: sympathetic
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